ART + IMG is the first technical imaging studio in Denmark, assisting the cultural sector and private collectors to research their collections and make informed decisions during acquisitions.


+ Multiband and 3D

+ Technical due diligence for art transactions

+ Research for technical art history

+ Consultancy


RAK from 3D


ART + IMG is the first 2+3D Fine Art imaging studio in Denmark, assisting the cultural sector in the conservation and promotion of tangible heritage.

We use technical images to reveal and inspect the materials, the techniques and the creative processes behind every work of art.

Whether you need to perform a preliminary investigation for a conservation treatment, condition check before and after and exhibition or develop a research project, having access to calibrated, immersive images allows to implement smarter approaches for conservation, study and display, and to create visual narrations that spark people’s curiosity.

Behind the brand there is me, Camilla Perondi.

I am a conservation scientist and imaging specialist for cultural heritage with an extensive experience in high-quality, science-driven digitization and art investigation.

Since 2010, I’ve been dedicating particular attention to best practices for cultural heritage documentation and image analysis, especially applied in contexts requiring flexible solutions.

ART + IMG was born in 2020, soon after I moved to Copenhagen, wishing to share my curiosity and enthusiasm about art imaging with the Danish cultural environment.

My mission is to foster the power of cultural professionals to make informed decisions and to spark people’s curiosity about art’s story, materials and techniques.


High resolution, colour calibrated images


Multiband investigation from UV to IR

3D Inspection

Colour calibrated 3D models and RTI maps

Condition Check

Documentation, mapping and condition reporting

Technical Report

Online, device-independent reports


Custom-tailored digitization and analytical protocols